Kashipur Solidarity

Solidarity with resistance against the Alcan / Hindalco bauxite mining and alumina refinery in Kashipur

Resistance in Kashipur

Since 1993 the adivasi and also dalit communities in the region are fighting against the mega industrial venture of UAIL for Bauxite mining and alumina refinery and connected to it a power station.UAIL is made up Of Alcan which is one of the biggest Aluminum corporations in the world and Hindalco which is part of one of the biggest industrial groups in India. The whole state and ruling apparatus including the government, police, bureaucracy, judiciary, political parties and media are for the past thirteen years pushing for this industrial project with money power, coercive and killing power, lies and manipulation.Mass repression, violence, terror especially intensified in the period 2004-5. The government doesnt respect its own constitution and laws which supposedly protect the rights of adivasis.

Why a campaign in solidarity with the resistance in Kashipur...?

The situation in Kashipur is very critical now. Many more mega industrial ventures are coming up in the nearby regions of Kashipur and in the state of Orissa as such, most of them in regions where different adivasi communities live for many hundreds of years. The resistance in Kashipur is very important to stop this march of genocide and destruction . Solidarity from outside in a big way is essential to stop the industrial juggernaut from destroying forever the adivasi communities and the whole nature. it is essential to fight this terror , death and destruction unleashed by globalisation to defend other ways of life who have more connection to values of egalitarianism, freedom and living in nature.

The Solidarity Campaign

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