Globalisation and Kashipur

Globalisation now is total globalisation of market, capital , state. It is taking over with ruthlessness and violence the last areas outside the direct and complete control of capital. These areas are mostly the last regions where different adivasi (indigena) communities live in India, Brazil, Botswana, Ecuador , Venezuela ...Some of these adivasi communities have experienced forcible entry of civilisation into their life just recently. Over the years the traditional way of life of many other adivasi communities are to varying degrees undermined serioulsly, even destroyed partially by the forces of civilisation, market, capital and state .

One of the many adivasi regions in the world is Kashipur in the state of Orissa, India. In this region live three adivasi communities , Kondha, Jhodia-Paraja, Pengo.In this region forests are largely destroyed in most of the area due to industrialisation in a 100 kms radius,to supply timber for the cities /industries, which all mean building of rail lines, roads, the coming of civilised outsiders, setting up of state institutionsincluding the police, bureaucracy, entry of moneylenders and traders from outside and so on and so forth, in essence through the different destructive exploitative practices of civilisational processes.

Inspite of all this the adivasi communities in kashipur have a vibrant community life, their beautiful dance and music, their ability to live largely in peace outside the normal casteist/patriarchal/class relations of mainstream Indian society. This despite the civilisation forcing itself in their midst over the last many decades and thereby creeping inequalities. Women on the whole even now enjoy a large part of the traditional freedom and which they have tried to defend passionately especially in the last thirteen years against the looming destrution and genocide through mega corporate ventures. last but not the least their connection to and knowledge of nature is very much cherishable.

Since 1993 the adivasi and also dalit communities in the region are fighting against the mega industrial venture of UAIL for Bauxite mining and alumina refinery and connected to it a power station.UAIL is made up Of Alcan which is one of the biggest Aluminum corporations in the world and Hindalco which is part of one of the biggest industrial groups in India. The whole state and ruling apparatus including the government, police, bureaucracy, judiciary, political parties and media are for the past thirteen years pushing for this industrial project with money power, coercive and killing power, lies and manipulation.Mass repression, violence, terror especially intensified in the period 2004-5. The government doesnt respect its own constitution and laws which supposedly protect the rights of adivasis.

The situation in Kashipur is very critical now. Many more mega industrial ventures are coming up in the nearby regions of Kashipur and in the state of Orissa as such, most of them in regions where different adivasi communities live for many hundreds of years. The resistance in Kashipur is very important to stop this march of genocide and destruction . Solidarity from outsidein a big way is essential to stop the industrial juggernaut from destroying forever the adivasi communities and the whole nature. it is essential to fight this terror , death and destruction unleashed by globalisation to defend other ways of life who have more connection to values of egalitarianism, freedom and living in nature.